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Basic Rights Oregon Fires Up Fundraising with Cafegive Mobile Auction

Portland, OR (PRWEB) October 19, 2013

Mobile applications may have just changed fundraising events for goodand for the better.

The awards night and auction dinner have long been staples for fundraisers, with over $1 billion raised through charitable auctions and table sponsorship in 2012. Now mobile technology and live events have converged to create a new, digital fundraising experience, finally bridging the gap between online and in-person fundraising.

Last Friday, Basic Rights Oregon, an organization dedicated to promoting rights for LGBTQ Oregonians, teamed up with CafeGive Social for Ignite, BROs yearly gala and major fundraising event. This year, Basic Rights Oregon aimed to move beyond the traditional paddle-raise to engage guests on a whole new level in the gala auction.

What followed was the most successful gala night in the nonprofits history. Over nine hundred guests gathered at the Portland Art Museum to demonstrate their support and help raise over $460,000.

For the first time, Ignite guests were encouraged to use their phones to take part in a mobile-powered live auction event, achieving record-breaking fundraising levels. Guests bid on stellar prizesa one-week stay in Hawaii or a private dinner with former MLB player Billy Bean, for instancesimply by texting their paddle numbers, bid amounts, and the word IGNITE to 55155. Real-time bids were displayed on screens at the event, making it easy for guests to stay updated, cross their fingers, and watch to see if they won.

The fuel behind the success of Ignite was a suite of CafeGive Social apps that empower donors to pledge through their phones, visually display auction progress, and connect with other fans on Facebook. CafeGives unique platform also integrated with BROs existing social media presence to amplify their impact. The app showcased BROs live Twitter feed, encouraging gala guests to not only bid and donate, but also tweet their excitement using BROs event hashtag #ignite4m, and watch their tweets appear on the large display screens.The virtual Donor Wall automatically updated progress made towards BROs goal, as well as names and tweets from donors.

Over $5,000 was raised using the Mobile Paddle Raise app alone, and hundreds of guests used their smartphones to bid and share posts about Ignite 2013. Built-in social sharing features also helped connect gala guests with Basic Rights Oregons Facebook page, growing the nonprofits online audience through new Likes and taking the cause even further.

Basic Rights Oregon was able to fire up its fundraising by combining the excitement of a live event with the simplicity and fun of mobile. Organizations like BRO can do the same by using mobile paddle raise apps to engage event attendees with a mobile call to action. The possibilities are endless. Using this application, fundraisers can host live and digital events that connect supporters across the globe, or simplify giving on the go during outdoor fundraising events.

Mobile paddle raise options can also ensure that fund collection and check-out fit seamlessly with the rest of the auction event. This leads to greater fulfillment of pledges, more funds raised for the cause, and happier, more involved donors.

About CafeGive Social
CafeGive is the only company that combines social media marketing with meaningful, action-oriented cause marketing applications. Using our product, CafeGive Social, we have helped companies, agencies and nonprofits of all sizes connect with customers to build brand, enhance reputation, raise awareness and effect social change. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, CafeGive is a privately held company. For more information, visit

About Basic Rights Oregon
Founded in 1996, Basic Rights Oregon (BRO) is the states chief advocacy, education and political organization dedicated to ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. BRO is a 501(c)(4) organization, and is dedicated to strengthening Oregons LGBT rights movement. Basic Rights Oregon is a member of the Equality Federation. [

Secure Mobile Platform Helps John Deere Dealer Boost Productivity

Fountain Valley, CA (PRWEB) July 16, 2008

SecurityWorks, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of IT accessories that allow mobility, security and ergonomics, announced today that it has introduced a Mobile Laptop Workstand that is optimized for use in industrial environments.

The industrial member of the company's Technology Workstand product family targets the needs of factories, service bays, and distribution centers by allowing secure mounting of a laptop computer on a rugged, stable base suitable for industrial work environments. According to SecurityWorks VP of Sales & Marketing, Christopher Meyer, “In our discussions with IT departments in both SMEs and large companies, we learned of a strong desire among management to distribute more technology in the workplace, however, a limiting factor was how best to deploy IT assets in a secure and ergonomic way. To solve this problem we started from the ground up and designed the Technology Workstand that truly meets the needs of today's technology users.”

Mr. Meyer noted that the Mobile Laptop Workstand's basic features include a star base with heavy-duty casters, a large 360-degree foot rest plate, a 28-39″ height-adjustable telescoping neck, a storage basket, a sturdy work surface, a shelf with a lockable storage area for batteries and cords, as well as a six-socket power supply and surge protector with a 10 foot cord.

If Donn Gehret, at Rowand Machinery in Spokane, Washington is representative of other customers, SecurityWorks seems to be on the right track. “The Mobile Laptop Workstand provides a secure and stable method of deploying laptops throughout our repair and service facilities” says Donn. “As a John Deere sales and service dealer, we use proprietary software to run diagnostics on John Deere equipment, so it's a big advantage to conduct diagnostics anywhere in our facilities with the Mobile Laptop Workstands. We've also found productivity boosts by ordering parts and tracking work orders on the floor using the Workstands. The Workstands help us work more efficiently and keep our operating costs down.”

The SecurityWorks Mobile Laptop Workstand, with retail pricing starting at $599, is available in various configurations directly from the company at 1-800-880-3988 x301 or

About SecurityWorks, Inc.:
SecurityWorks, Inc., a privately-held company based in Fountain Valley, California, manufactures mobile computing carts and other mobile computing and audio-visual products for industrial, automotive, educational, and corporate applications.

DoApp to Sell iPhone® Applications on Apple 'AppStore' — First App Turns iPhone into Sophisticated Flashlight

Minneapolis, MN (PRWEB) July 9, 2008

Doapp, a registered developer of Apple iPhone applications, today announced the first of many apps it is developing: a flashlight for the iPhone. DoApp's myLite app takes the hassle out of trying to find a flashlight in the dark or when the power goes out, and it makes you the life of the party at rock concerts or the MacGyver on your camping trip.

“No more digging for a flashlight to find the batteries dead, or late night stubbed-toe incidents bumping into the coffee table,” said Joe Sriver, DoApp Founder and CEO. “Your iPhone is always at the ready.”

This instant “night light” is good for everything from reading in the dark to finding a keyhole in a pinch. Keeping your iPhone by the side of your bed at night now has an added benefit. “It makes sense to use your phone as a flashlight because you have it everywhere you go,” said Sriver.

The DoApp myLite flashlight app allows the iPhone to shine as bright or brighter than any traditional or LED flashlight, and its screen is much larger than most all flashlight lenses. It even has two on-screen “slider” controls, for color spectrum and brightness, allowing your iPhone (or iPod Touch) to double as your own personal digital flashlight. Adjust the light to be more like fluorescent (cool) or incandescent (warm) light, or anything in between — whatever your personal preference. Additional features include the ability to cycle through a spectrum of colors, which is fun for kids or to dramatize any storytelling situation — not to speak of trippin' out at rock concerts.

The DoApp myLite app works with both the iPhone and iPod Touch and will be available when the Apple AppStore opens on July 11, 2008, for only 99 cents. More information is available at DoApp's myLite product page

About DoApp:
DoApp Inc. (, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is an Internet applications company. It was founded in May 2007 by an early Google employee, and was originally named PagePow. The company develops consumer and business apps that help people do useful things, have fun, make them more productive, and enhance their online life. DoApp creates widgets and applications for web sites, desktops, and mobile devices that enable a whole new world of distributed content and commerce. The company's products are designed to help people make money, increase traffic, and improve the consumer web experience, whether on their desktop or laptop computer, or on their mobile device. DoApp Inc. is an approved member of Apple's iPhone developer program.

Are BlackBerry Marketing Initiatives Heading for Profit or Loss?

When it comes to market share, RIM would certainly agree of the fallback they have faced in the last one year. What is still unclear is whether BlackBerry intentionally continued to remain what the market described as a stage of ‘stagnancy.’ While other mobile devices sales surged, RIM fell from a $78 billion dollar height in market to an exceedingly low $12 billion dollar mark.

Despite the severity of figures, the BlackBerry mobile still retained the top seventh position in the mobile market. Research analysts hold the view that following the introduction of BlackBerry, the niche market, majority of them being business executives, remained loyal. The question is whether RIM can afford to continue catering for a very select market. Given the popularity and competition from other mobile devices, it is highly unlikely. What is admirable is that they have continued to retain their identity rather than imitate the success. Again, this ‘lack of innovation’ has been viewed with criticism that RIM was afraid to fail, and perhaps the failure would be more obvious if they were to be compared with other similar advancement.

All or nothing

On the other hand, BlackBerry users have not complained. They are satisfied with the ‘push’ features of the Smartphone and praise it for its compatibility and fault-free services. It can be concluded that RIM has standards of perfection that have perhaps made them more unwilling to experiment.

The next few months look promising. BlackBerry 10 is being looked upon as the perfect business solution in mobile technology. Combining professionalism with entertainment, the OS 10 is expected to have all the merging capabilities with a smoother experience than any other mobile platform. Its apps are also expected to exceed all others in the market. Its open source technology will allow developers not to just focus on data, but design as well. The one drawback, although it us yet to be ascertained, is that it will not support Java applications and therefore the previous versions will not be compatible with BlackBerry OS 10.

Designer BlackBerry

As if to stress their exclusivity point further, BlackBerry recently partnered with Porsche to bring out the BlackBerry Porsche Design P’9981 Smartphone. The model is more exclusive than its other editions. Although reviewers have praised the exterior more with their typical QWERTY keyboard, it is the software features that are predicted will mark its future success, namely the ‘user friendly’ performance and useful apps such as the Wikitude World Browser app.

BlackBerry Mobile Fusion

Mobile management is a relatively broad term that BlackBerry has used by synchronizing mobile applications with the BlackBerry Playbook tablet and desktop features to a ‘single point of control,’ which is a combination of the BlackBerry Devices Services, the latest addition of the Universal Device Service and the studio app. Especially suited for the IT department of companies, the fusion is considered to be user-friendly within the business environment.

With all this and recent partnerships with tinyHippos, Jaycut and Paratek, it is still early and difficult to predict BlackBerry and RIM’s future in the market. Analysts believe it depends entirely on just how RIM will use their market strategies, that is, whether they will choose to continue holding the niche customers, or take on a more aggressive share of the market.

Global System For Mobile Communications

The Global System for Mobile communication has greater significance compared to other standards due to its permission for international roaming, high signaling quality as well as its eminence in speech channels. As a mobile phone standard, it provides benefits of some cost-effective facet such as the Short Message Service (SMS). Besides, most operators have the advantage of procuring easily available equipments to set up a network. Roaming is certainly a supreme feature considering subscribers can enjoy using their phone throughout the whole world.

On how GSM made its way into the telecommunication market, it began during the early 1980s where the demand for technological standardization incurred. There were various associations who started developing mobile standards, especially those to be used within Europe countries. Later on, the development tasks were spread to other institutes and by 1991; the network was officially launched. It was considered to be a cellular network that functions on a specific basis. Mobile phones linked to the network will search for cells in the vicinity.

There are four range of frequency for the Global System for Mobile communication standard. The regular ones are 900 MHz and 1800 MHz where they are divided into various channels and each channel having a timeslot. The cell sizes of the network are categorized as macro, micro, Pico and umbrella. The cells coverage depends on the environment where they have been set up. Macro cells involve a base station antenna on top of a building’s roof while micro cells involve antennae below the roof top and they are often used in the urban regions. Pico cells are broadly used indoors as their coverage diameter is only within few meters. Umbrella cells are usually used to fill the opening between other coverage cells.

If you look into the network structure of GSM, there are generally three structures. The base system or station will store and maintain information. The GPRS will allow internet connectivity in packet forms while the Network and Switching Subsystem will permit the transmission of data and supervise the communication between the networks.

Custom Magnets For Your Promotional Endeavors

If in the market for affordable promotional solutions that help you take your business onto the next level, shop custom magnets that serve as elegant and stylish business cards and constant reminders of your services and products. Browse the many available options in the market and shop that which more closely accommodates to your marketing motif. Select form predesigned images that easily establish your occupation and more quickly allow you to reach your target audience. Promotional magnets can be distributed amongst already established and prospect clients, employees, friends and loved ones as well. Ensure that your market is aware of your services and purchase alternative advertising tools of your own.

Ideal for trade shows, conventions, corporate events, giveaways and other events of the like, personalized magnets are a simple outlet to brand recognition and sales soar. Customizable with your brand name, logo design, custom graphics, pictures of your own and predesigned images you can choose from, these advertising tools are ideal for industries across the field. Great for Animal and pet care establishments, the art and music entertainment world, beauty, finance, education and other fields, customized magnets are certain to attract a number of your audience and remind them why they chose you in the first place.

Easily attached to refrigerator walls and other magnetic surfaces, advertising magnets are a constant reminder of your business. Present your clients with promotional tools that are not intrusive of their daily routines but do in return provide you with unique and elegant ideas that won’t end up discarded or easily overlooked like other advertising mediums that include radio, television and the local newspaper. Outlets of this magnitude require expensive investments that and recurring air times that continue to drain form your allotted budget with poor result for small business and fresh of the market establishments.

If committed to the growth of your company, shop affordable promotional tools that allow you to continue on with your marketing endeavors. Shop bulk logo magnets that simultaneously let you reach large amounts of your costumers while saving you money and time. Shop high quality materials that impress those you present them to and in return create and establish a trusting and image of your business. With custom magnets you can delight in distinctive artwork that immediately generates traffic for your business thus enhancing your market reach. Shop elegant advertising tools today and save with wholesale options that get you on the road to success.

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